Flowermate Aura 3-in-1 Vaporizer Black Dry Herb Oil & Wax

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4.9 Star Reviews


Improved Chamber: The new Flowermate Aura chamber design is all about flavour, increased airflow and dense vapour

You do not need the dry tank to vaporize your blends. However, this is an excellent option if you are on the go. The dry tanks are air vented on the sides and bottom. Perfect for quick loading your vaporizer.

Flowermate has become known for its incredible performance at a fantastic price, and the Aura is one of the best examples yet.

The Aura is an ultra-portable pen-style vaporizer for dry materials and liquids. The digital display increases precision and allows users to tune it to their exact temperature preference. In addition, the Aura provides top-quality efficiency and unrivalled battery life for its size, making it one of Flowermate's best offerings.


  • 100% Pure Vapour; No chance of combustion

  • Conductive heating; Clean flavour

  • 7 Airflow Jets ensure extraction efficiency

  • 2 Hours of use per charge; previously unheard of in this form factor

  • Compact Pen Design; Less than 6" tall

  • Heats in less than a minute

  • Digital display with single-digit heat range 104F-446F (40C-230C)

  • Improved Ceramic Chamber

  • 5 Minute Shut Off

New and Improved:

Improved Chamber: The new Flowermate chamber design is about flavour, increased airflow and dense vapour. The Aura's ceramic chamber is more profound than the standard Flowermate and has larger air jets. As a result, the seven aircraft provide thicker vapour and more open airflow than previous Flowermate versions. Conductive heating produces even and thorough extraction. The air intake holes are placed above the electronics and battery, ensuring the only taste is pure vapour.

Exceptional Battery Life:

In addition to the improved chamber design, the Aura differentiates itself from other portables by offering impressive battery life for its form factor. Housing a single Samsung/LG battery, the Aura provides an average of 2 Hours of usage time. Other options that offer similar battery life are typically much more extensive and contain at least two batteries.

The new Wax Tank is filled with organic cotton wick. Organic Cotton is perfect for solid and liquid materials.

Easy To Use:

Rapidly press the power button five times within 2 seconds to power on the Aura. Next, press the + and - buttons to adjust the temperature. Finally, hold the power button down for two seconds to activate the heating chamber. Within a minute, the steam symbol appears, indicating the vaporizer is ready.