Blueberry On Ice 10K Plus Randm Tornado Disposable Vape

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Blueberry On Ice Randm Vape 10000 Plus Puffs Bars

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The RANDM Tornado 10000 is a disposable vape, non-refillable vaporiser with a modern design. It holds e-juice and vaporises more than 10000 puffs. There are multiple tastes to choose from.

Take a Glimpse at the chilling blueberries presented by R And M Tornado. This is such a flavour that it's challenging to keep up the stock, Because of its high demand. Nevertheless to make your experience hassle-free, VAPE KIT UK brings you the full content of flavours with stock availability.

Blueberries are observed as a superfood, and where it gets a blend of ice in a gorilla vape bar, it's a Twist in a Tale.

The entire body of the RANDM Tornado 10000 bar is made of savours to a high standard. As a result, it will effortlessly fit into your pocket or handbag, permitting ease of travel and comfort for all occasions.

It is a well-slim device; however, it loads a punch with 10000 puffs and is the most delicious and authentic flavour readily available today.

RANDM Tornado Vape 10000 plus Vape Specifications:

  • Puffs: More than 10000 puffs
  • Capacity: 850mAh E-Liquid Battery:
  • Rechargeable Type: C Battery RGB
  • Flashing Lights
  • Flavours Available: 14
  • Any 10 Disposables for £125