Breakfast Club Vape E Liquid 100ml E Juice 0MG 70vg 30pg Premium Vape Juice


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Frost flakes – Do you like your flakes crunchy or soggy? Either way you’ll want to graze on this flavour. With sweet, thick and creamy clouds it will leave you in a cereal frenzy
Fruity hoops – Those colourful hoops that you remember? Yes, we’ve done it. When you taste the fruits dancing around your tastebuds, you’ll be scooping this down in no time.
Honey nut – A heavenly coating of honey and almonds, our luxurious wake up call for all cream lovers and sugar cravers. Guaranteed put a smile on your face with every mouthful.
Cinnamon crunch – Just imagine munching through a scoop of your favourite cinnamon squares, with a healthy dose of golden milk. A sweet cinnamon aftertaste leaves you craving more.
Berry Granola – A deliciously baked blend of rolled oats, nuts, gooey honey and the ripest berries. A truly scrumptious morning snack that you will want to tuck in to all day long.
Marshmallow charms – With a magical spoonful of bounciness with every drip, it will leave your mouth watering. Our velvety smooth milk-mallow blend is irresistible to all with a sweet tooth.

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Berry Granola, Cinnamon Cunch, Frost Flakes, Fruity Hoops, Honey Nut, Marshmallow Charms