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7 key tips for your Fluid (Vape Juice)!

Taste, nicotine level, labelling,there are several key points that you have to take into account when buying liquids to vape.
If you've given up tobacco and you've been into e-cigarettes for a long time - you knowwhat this is about. If, on the other hand, you are starting out in the world of vaping, you will soon realize that buying liquids to vape is quite an adventure!
Along with the taste, which is a decisive factor for the satisfaction of a vaper, there are also other aspects in which you have to look when choosing a liquid from Vape juice sale:

  1. First of all vaping: the liquid has to be packaged and has to comply with EU regulations in this regard.
    Whether you buy the liquid in a physical store or online store, always check that the packaging is completely closed. Similarly, to see if the product is under EU rules, see if the label sets the preferred consumption date, ingredients and the type of flavour you've chosen.
  2. What are liquids composed of?
    All liquids have a base of propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerine (GV), or even a mixture of both. Reputed brands add specific aroma and a certain amount of nicotine to these solutions.
  3. Put an e-cig in your life and say goodbye progressively to nicotine.
    E-cigarettes give you the opportunity to progressively reduce the nicotine level, which you can't do with a lifelong smoking cigarette. In order to adapt to the needs of each, liquids come with different concentrations of this substance. Therefore, at the time of purchase from Eliquid sale, remember that choosing the right nicotine level is a basic point to not spoil the taste of the liquid.
  4. Don't buy crazy. Liquids are classified by amount of nicotine.
    Keep this in mind to make your 'vaper' experience positive. It is normal that this classification is:
    • 0mg (nicotine-free).
    • 6-8mg (low nicotine concentration).
    • 10-12mg (median nicotine concentration).
    • 16-18mg (high nicotine concentration).
    • 24mg (extra-high nicotine concentration).
    What does this mean? It means that milligrams of nicotine are the amount of nicotine per millilitre of liquid. And keep an eye out, because some companies represent this formula as a solution in percentage (e.g. 6% instead of 6 mg). Pay special attention to Vape juice sale when shopping.
  5. The phase of tobacco cessation and the intake of nicotine level should be maintained
    Vaping liquids come with different concentrations of nicotine. There is no universal estimation, but it all depends on the circumstances of customs:
    • If you are looking to satisfy your smoking habit, choose nicotine-free liquids.
    • If you used to smoke cigarette lights,opt for a liquid with an average nicotine concentration.
    Your intention is to say goodbye to nicotine for good? Don't do it all at once. Little by little! Start by buying fluids with a high concentration of nicotine to satisfy your craving and avoid anxiety, and if you want, reduce it to a level 0 of nicotine or as far as you feel most comfortable.
  6. What flavour to buy?
    Vaping is something that the consumer will like. In the market there are fruity, sweet, menthol aromas, flavoured with tobacco, nuts, and coffee, so choose the flavours that you like the most from e-liquid sale and enjoy the moment of vaping.
  7. Your health should never be at risk. Never.
    If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have heart conditions and use nicotine vaping fluids, see your family doctor immediately.

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